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I don't learn from just reading books. I have to read, draw, build... and I can recall this. People learn in different ways. Memorizing has never worked for me, I've got to use my hands -- I can build it in my head. It's just a good learning tool.

Debranne Pattillo, Guilala, CA

I just think he (Jon Zahourek) is a brilliant teacher. And I really enjoy the way he takes diverse creatures and shows the common patterns behind them... it's, "Let's see how that relates with the human and let's talk about the different creatures." It helps you to put things together. Very illuminating. 

Paul Oestreicher, New York, NY

Very interesting week. I'm getting a feel for these muscles. I'm getting an idea of how they move through space. Fantastic.

Karen Gerhart, Dunnigan, CA

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